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 Monday September,17/2012-page2

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PostSubject: Monday September,17/2012-page2   Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:37 pm


NARRATIVE-the story defined as Beginning, middle and end.

NARRITATION-The telling of the story/ the narration can change even if the story stays the same (specifics of the story stay the same. The language can differ depending on who is telling it and when they are telling it, as ideas change so does your language)

NARRATOR –TheStory teller- not the same as the author (the author can Narrate his/hers own story as well.)

NARRITIVE VOICE-3 types of Narrative Voices.

1. 1st person-> I, We, Me

2. 2nd person->You

3. 3rd person-> he, she ,then

The FIRST PERSON speaks from the “Interior”, you are telling the story from inside the story. It is very LIMITED on where you can go in the story. You can only narrate the thoughts or speeches that the character hears/witnesses.

The SECOND PERSON is very difficult; it is a lazy way of telling a first persons story and can often lead to clichés. (Recommended telling a story from a first or second person perspective)

The THIRD PERSON is an outside perspective or the “Exterior”; it is virtually unlimited to what you can write about. You can speak from anyone’s perspective.

We spoke about how to write a story and that a story has some major components to it:

The beginning where characters “STATUS QUOS” are quickly established, relationships, what life is like ECT. Soon in the beginning a “Complication” is made to capture the reader’s attention.

After the main components are established there will be a “Complication” followed by a serious of events that shall happen through the “rising action” called “BEATS”.

[Beats are a serious of events/complications throughout the story to keep the attention, it however is NOT the climax]

Then after a serious of “BEATS” a Climax will occur, the readers/viewers will know it is coming because the story will change pace briefly.

*We used the first “Spider Man” as an example and the Climax was when Spider man and the Green Goblin fight”

After the climax/break the story will resolve to a conclusion and a new “Status Quo”.

->a story doesn’t always come to resolution or cliff hangers to imply a sequel will be following in the future.


Narrative structure- 5-7 paragraphs.<- No more and no less

Word count is 1000 + 20. <- better start planning now


DUE DATE 5 %-> Monday September, 24t h -> Come 10 minutes before your meeting time, to peer edit and correct anything. BE PREPARED!

Come to class with a word processed paragraph explaining your proposal paragraph.

Present in a short document style.


1. Beginning,middle,end

2. Know who your characters are

3. What voice you are using and why

4. Any other relevant details.

5. 8-12 sentences/should be half page at the most.

NOTE; if you need to revise your proposal the Sir Derek Brown is more than open to hearing your suggestions. You need to speak with him first and get it approved.

Content is worth 5% Formal Content 15%


Monday; 1-2

Wednesday; 5pm

Thursday; 5pm

Friday; by appointment only.

Professor would appreciate an email to let him know you are coming so he doesn’t sit around twiddling his thumbs till 6.Suspect

Some things to keep in mind for Sir Derek’s class.

Doesn’t like single space for multiple reasons

1) Hard to read when correcting work and in general it is harder to read work.

2) When correcting work, he leaves comments or corrections and having a space in between the lines allows for neat/legible comments.

3) If you the student sees an error in your work at the last minute and correct it with a pencil, you will not be penalized for it. (Marks will not be taken off)

When handing in assignments don’t put it in Duo tangs/plastic covers/PAPER CLIPES.

Just staple it and that is it.

Please don’t use size 10 font. Hurts the eyes!

Use size “12” Font and preferably “Times New Roman”.

For your assignment avoid stories about Zombie apocalypse, clichés vacation stores.

TIP combine real life events with fiction to add excitement and to capture the readers’ attention.

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Monday September,17/2012-page2
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