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 Monday September 17, 2012 2:00pm

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PostSubject: Monday September 17, 2012 2:00pm    Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:14 am

Week 3

Try to finish your essays 2 - 3 days in advance to allow yourself to review your work and ensure you are covering all of your topics.
- 400 words
- 2-4 paragraphs, double spaced
- font times new roman, 12 point
We did some quick peer editing where we drew 2 crosses on the back of our partner's essay.
Divided into 4 sections:
- Grammar and mechanical errors - put a tic for each one you see
- Content and structure - put the paragraph number where you see the error
- Revision/paragraph - write the paragraph number which you recommend to be revised
- Full revision - would you recommend full revision to the essay?
* Flip back and forth between seeing errors, do not write anything on the front of the paper and do not speak to your partner. Make this as constructive as possible.

Short Document Style
We will use this standardized format for all assignments from now on unless told otherwise.
It is difficult to format the following on this forum, the number of pages and words go on the right side of the page, and the title goes in the middle:

[name]: Pages:_
For:[prof/course] Words:_
~tab Your writing starts here

* Never manipulate your title with bold or underline etc.
* Only caps the first word of your title
* Page number does NOT include page of references
* 12 point font
* Number every page except for the first
~Recommended that you create a template on your desktop that you can open when starting a new document~

Essay Style
Indicate paragraph breaks by pressing "tab"
NO spaces between paragraphs(like emails)
We will only use essay style, not block format

Narrative Essays
Narrative - e.g. a story - built around knowing there is a; beginning, middle and end
Narration - e.g. telling of a story - the instance of that story
Narrator - e.g. storytellor - the author =/= narrator
Narrative Voice - 1st(I, me, we) 2nd(you) and 3rd(she, he, they) person voice. We will not be using 2nd person in our class as it tends to sound cliche and people make lots of mistakes

Our story develops in different stages:
1. status quo
2. 1st beat (complication)
3. 2nd beat
4. 3rd beat
5. climax
6. new status quo
Example Spiderman
1. Peter Parker is a loser, likes a girl who doesn't know he exists, nerdy, lonely, lost his parents, lives with his uncle...
2. bit by spider, develops super powers
3. wrestling. not paid by owner for winning, lets promoter get robbed, uncle killed by robber
4. finds robber, realizes it is the man who killed his uncle
5. fight with green goblin etc
6. Peter is now culpable for the murders of green goblin and his uncle, everything is different but Peter is no happier than at the beginning.

Narrative Essay Due Week 7
1st paragraph - Status quo - Introduce main character(s) and what life is like. End of paragraph introduce complication.
2nd paragraph - Complication
3rd paragraph - Complication
4th paragraph - Complication
5th paragraph - Climax
6th paragraph - New Status quo
5 - 7 paragraphs
1000 words +/- 20
You can base your story on:
1. Real life event
2. Fiction
The best stories come from combining the two!
No zombie apocalypse or boring cottage drinking story.
Look for a place where there is interest and build your story from there.
*View calendar online for more information

Proposal paragraph Due Week 4(next week)
Format short document style as described above. Around 1/2 page, can be shorter if strong
Include your title
Show clear beginning, middle and end (have a very clear conclusion)
Main characters introduced
Narrative voice used and why
Any other details of importance
*You must stick with your proposal so think wisely of your choices*

Next Week
Reviewing our narrative essay proposals
We have been alphabetically been sorted into groups which you can find on the forum
Arrive 10 mins before posted meeting time to read each others' work
This means we will have only 20 minutes of class

Hope these notes help!
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Monday September 17, 2012 2:00pm
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