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 Monday,September 10,2012,9:00

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PostSubject: Monday,September 10,2012,9:00   Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:43 pm

Only handout of the day was the Course Outline.

Types of understanding:
Literal - Text - can you understand the concrete dimensions e.g. "the cat ran away"
Interpretive - Between the lines - e.g. idioms/poetic. Discussed the slang "slinging the suds" (bartending)
Critical/Analytical - Fits into a larger discussion - asking questions

Interpretive Thinking:
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Monologue where Macbeth sees a floating knife, however cannot grab it. This is symbolism of his guilt he feels for murdering his friend.
Another example is Lady Macbeth sleep walking and speaking of washing her hands but they are never clean, also showing guilt for the murder.

Critical/Analytical Thinking:
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickenson
Stave 1: Marley's Ghost
Marley is dead. Scrooge worked with him in the past with debt collection. Marley comes to him with chains/books/boxes attached to him to show the years of wrong he has done which now will stay with him forever.
The Industrial Revolution is a huge influence for Dickenson as he grew up in a poor family who worked off their debts.
His stories are still relevant in our generation as the context works.

APA Assignment
Due next class (week 3)
Be very selective and use the most important factors.
If you use any examples they are included in our 400 word limit.
DO NOT copy and paste from any other source, no plagiarism.
No history, only practical.

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Monday,September 10,2012,9:00
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