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 Monday September 24/2012

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PostSubject: Monday September 24/2012   Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:30 pm

On Monday when we handed our proposals in, the Prof gave us some valuable critic.

One thing he noticed; what everyones title was on their proposal.

Most people had written "[NAME’S] Essay Proposal", Sir said that a clue that might tell him that we had given more thought to our proposals was if we already had the title down for our story.

A valuable tip he suggested when writing the story was to plan, write, sleep on it and then go back to it.

Another valuable tip was to use the TLC, he has suggested this multiple times.

His next suggestion was for us to then create a visual chart to help map out our story .

STEP 1- Create an ARK- Label each paragraphs key point. ( I tried to copy and paste my beautiful sketch, but I'm unsure, it won't let me)

Step 2-Then create a vertical plan, Make a detailed plan of how your story will go, in point form;
Note characters, indicate action/interaction, Know the main interaction, What kind of language/tone is being used (is it funny? Scary?)
MAKE SURE IT IS NOT OVER PACKED –remember the word limit.

keep in mind how many paragraphs you are using
5-500 per paragraph
6-168 words per paragraph
7-142 words per paragraph

and lastly don't be afraid to talk to Sir, He is there to give advice, but make you critically think. study
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Monday September 24/2012
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