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 Monday September,17/2012-page 1

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PostSubject: Monday September,17/2012-page 1   Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:34 pm

Aspects of Revision

Talked about two techniques used for Revising work.

1) Simple Review (You look over your work yourself)

2) Peer Editing (A peer looks over your work)

In class we spoke about how to revise your own work or another peer’s work.

By looking at its content and seeing if the basic requirements are intact.

· Content

· Format Qualities (Length-include a word count if applicable)

· It is a good idea to get to learn how to estimate how many words are in your assignment. So you can better plan the amount of words you need in advance so you have no more or no less then what is required of you as well to keep track of your words at an estimated guess. “Eyeballing”

We spoke about our APA assignment and what was being asked for (in class Revision of our own work and our peers work)


The two main pieces that we should have took from learning about APA

· In text citation (what reference was used for that idea)

· Last page references (Back round of reference)

A Basic rule for Peer Editing

· Absolutely no corrections on your peers work

· Create a quad on the back of the paper; this quad breaks down into 4 sections that will guide you in peer editing your peers work. You mark on the back of the page.


Counting the errors and make tallies/scores so that your peer can review.
Review paragraphs Content/Structure

If needing revision or if it is unclear/confusing. Number hear the paragraphs number.

If there is a paragraph that needs FULL revision, Number it hear.

Yes or No

If you believe the whole paper needs revising.

Why edit each other’s work if you have no input on the actual mark?

· A good reason why we “peer edit” is because it teaches us the editors to read slower, by having to flip the pages back and forth when editing your peers work; it will help you to better point out each others grammatical/mechanical errors.

· Makes you more OBSERVANT in the future towards your own work

· You are able to compare your work with the other peers work. Whether it is better than or not as good as your peers. (You will be able to see if you might need to revise your own work or keep it the same.)

Common Mistakes

There-direction (example- “I left my lunch bag over there”)

Their- someone’s heir (example “The car is theirs)

They’re-contraption (example- They are going to the beach; they’re going to the beach)

- Try to avoid writing contraptions unless you need to lessen your word count on a project.

To-preposition-part of an infinitive

Too-Excess (We had too many beers)


Tow- a common mistake when people try to write two but spell check will not pick that up so you must be attentive.

Its- possessive

It’s-contraption “It is”


First page of short document style;

· Record your name in the upper left corner of page “TAB” over to the right and record the page number.(pages following will be numbered)

· Enter and record the professors name (Example- For [NAME]) “TAB” to the right and record the “Word Count”, Click Enter

· Enter Date

· Then click enter twice to create a “Slug”

· Add the title of your paper ( Do not underline, bold or italicized font)

· Create another “slug”, Enter twice

· Begin your document.

· Make sure you indent your paragraphs

· No Extra spacing for Documents- change the format on word if it is not already changed


Definition-“SLUG” Some extra amount of space


Create a template for “Short Document Style” and “APA” style as well as any other formats you may use, to not only save PRECIOUS TIME or to prevent you from forgetting to add something.
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Monday September,17/2012-page 1
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