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 Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture

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Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture Empty
PostSubject: Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture   Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 10:29 pm

Proposed enhancements for future essays:
• Leave yourself enough time for revision of work ( time management)
• Revising is an extremely important part of writing, one of the main parts
• It may be hard and time consuming but make it a habit and the marks will show it
Types of Most Common Errors:
Presentation style:
 Overall look of paper
 Cover page/header
 Font and or font size
 Paragraphing
 Citations/notes/references
Derek Brown’s Requirements:
Font: 12 point Times New Roman
Paragraphing: paragraphs should only be separated by indentation ( no extra space between them) and double spaced for corrections
Tips for Word Count:
 Highlight text from below any title and or headers and before references
 This must include all in text citations
 Keep within range of assignment
Verb Tense:
 Be consistent
 Chose present or past tense
 Easiest way : put everything in past tense
 Think of things as if they have already happened
Syntax: Run-on:
 When typing straight on the computer, revise to make sure sentences are coherent

Ways to Spot Errors:
1. Read paper aloud to yourself
2. Get someone to read aloud to you
3. Get someone to read it (fresh pair of eyes)
Comma Splice:
 Most missued form of punctuation
 Used as a stitch that holds sentence structure together
 Used only for pausing not stopping
 When used properly, any punctuation can change the tone of how the reader reads the context
A-positive phrase:
Original: T.M was a genius.
A-positive: T.M, the jazz musician, was a genius.
 Dropping in information between subject and verb
Semi colon:
 Place to use: i2 independent clauses delivered at the same time with equal value
 Best use: in thesis statement
 Many short sentences can be made into one
 Even though short sentences may be purposely done for tone of reading, make sure fragments are not mistakenly made
 Keep consistent to avoid confusion
 Shifting of verb tense
 Number of verbs relating back to one subject
Other things to keep in mind:
 Verb agreement
 Vocabulary : double check dictionary after using thesaurus to make sure meaning is consistent
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Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture
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