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 Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture 11-2pm

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Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture 11-2pm Empty
PostSubject: Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture 11-2pm   Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture 11-2pm EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 10:44 pm

Research Paper Proposal - 10% and MANDATORY


  • proposal meetings are mandatory and work 10%!!
    arrive 10 minutes early in order to share proposals with fellow group members to revise
    prepared in short document style with bibliography in APA style
    preliminary bibliography: sources looked at but not necessarily used in work
    8-12 sources needed in bibliography (nothing under 8 but can go over 12)
    2 of the 8-12 sources can be INTERNET sources (websites, blogs)
    use at least 1 peridoical (magazine,newspaper,journals)
    short document style on topic of choice
    narrow down topic because of 1500 word count
    thesis could be in the form of rhetorical questions you are asking and slowly going to answer with research
    thesis is 8-10 sentences breif and focused

  • objective
    material evidence "not hearsay"
    no opinion
    no controversial topics (such as power of prayer,astrology, conspiracy etc.)
    pick something you are passionate about and have some knowledge of

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Friday Novemeber 2 2012 English Lecture 11-2pm
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