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 Short Story Proposal

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PostSubject: Short Story Proposal   Short Story Proposal EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 9:19 pm

Hey Guys, was hoping for feedback about my story! I really enjoy Criminal Minds and shows like that which comes through my story. It's going to be pretty deep, and dark. I just want everyone to be clear this isn't based on any real life experiences tongue. It's going to be completely fictional. Much appreciated for feedback! Thanks guys.

Black Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I will be writing a fictional story about a university student named Brooke. I will be writing in third person, I think that will be easiest for my story. The beginning of my story will talk about how she is a university student that is paying her way through school by being an exotic dancer that her friend helped get her into. Of course, her parents don’t know about this job she has been secretly working for the past year and a half. The middle of the story will be where Brooke is going to end up getting asked to do a “private bachelor party” and get paid quite a lot of money if she agrees to do it. Since she’s paying for school, and school isn’t cheap she doesn’t even hesitate about doing the job. The main conflict of the story will be at the private party the men viciously beat her up, and sexually assault her and leave her there to die. Hotel management finds her and calls the police, once she’s in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, the police go to her address on her license to let her parents know what has happened, and that she’s unconscious at the hospital since she sustained serious head injuries in the incident. The conclusion will be when her parents are at the hospital waiting for the news on how she is doing. After 11 days in the critical care unit she gets released from the unit and is in stable position. It will end by her promising her parents that she will never go down that dark path again, and will get a different job. The main characters in my story will be Brooke (mainly), and her parents.
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Short Story Proposal
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