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 Notes: Friday September 28, 11am.

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PostSubject: Notes: Friday September 28, 11am.   Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:45 pm

Friday September 28, 2012

Class Notes: Week #4

Important to plan essay and use time management!
Better to work on small pieces over a long period of time than to do it all in one day!
-> When you work then walk away, your unconscious mind is still working on it.

Narrative Essay Due: Week 7!

1) Diagram of essay: visualize placement of complication, body paragraphs and climax
-Shows if paragraphs are over stuffed/under stuffed
-Shows if each paragraph is more interesting than the last

2) Plan your paragraphs! Make note of:
-All characters (main characters and ones needed for the setting of your paragraph)
-All interactions and actions in the paragraph
-Quality of language and tone of paragraph (Funny? Violent?)

The more paragraphs you have, the less number of words and description per paragraph

5 paragraph essay = 200 words per paragraph
6 paragraph essay = 168 words per paragraph
7 paragraph essay = 144 words per paragraph

Write body first (start with easiest/clearest) then write introduction and conclusion

*Prof will review our work if we ask him!

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Notes: Friday September 28, 11am.
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