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 Notes: Friday September 21, 11am.

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PostSubject: Notes: Friday September 21, 11am.   Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:06 am

Friday September 21st, 2012

Class Notes: Week #3

*Should always hand in grade ready work!
-Finish assignment a few days before due date giving you time to review it
-When reviewing look at content and formal requirements

APA Style Assignment
-No history
-2-3 features (*Be careful when deciding what main features are! Which features are the most important?/What do you need to know the most?)

Formal Requirements:
-400 words (*401 words is too many!)
-2-4 paragraphs
-12 point font
-Times New Roman
-Double spaced

Peer editing
-Learning your own self editing
-Constructive (Help each other make a better paper)
-Objective neutral when reading paper
-Look and identify what needs work but NEVER write on the text of another student!

Did peer editing in class -> Exchanged with a partner, on the back drew two lines to create four quads

Q1: Grammar and Mechanics
-Spelling, punctuation, run on sentences, etc

Q2: Content and Structure
-Missing info, facts not correct, not right order, conclusion, etc

Q3: Paragraph for Revision
-Which paragraphs need work

Q4: Full Revision
-Does the paper need a full revision? Yes or No

*Conclusion: Should be conclusive, don’t repeat introduction, error if “squashed” because you run out of words


Short Document Style

Upper left:

Same line, on right side of paper:
Pages 3 [Or whatever the total number of pages is]


For: [Profs Name]

Same line, on right side of paper:
Words: [word count]



Enter twice, known as “slug” (Enter)
Main text begins here!

*Title: Centred, don’t change font, size, do nothing to distinguish from the rest of the text

*Indent each new paragraph. Each new paragraph goes on the next line, do not create a slug when new paragraph begins

*Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced!


Narrative: Story
-Beginning, middle, end

Narration: The telling of a story

Narrator: Story teller
-Voice that tells story, not the author

Narrative Voice:
1st Person
-Interior voice
-Inside single head
-Intimate (Reader feels close to the person, sees world through their eyes)
-Limited (Can only write about the characters thoughts/experiences)
-"I, me, we"

2nd Person (Don’t use)
-Problem of convincing reader

3rd Person
-Broad reach, knowledge of everything (omniscient)
-Unlimited (Can go into anyones head, can go anywhere)
-"Them, he, she"

Vertical Line: Interest of viewer as it unfolds
Horizontal Line: Time (Time it takes to consume story)

Story begins by establishing ‘status quo’:
-Establish characters
-Establish life of characters
-Explain relationships

-Starts story

(2)Beats of a story:
-Increases interest of reader
-Series of development of the complication/new complications
-Leads readers to climax

-Story breaks

Establish new status quo:
-Tie up lose ends
-Establish new norm for the characters


Narrative Essay:

-5-7 paragraphs
-Word count of 1000 words, plus or minus 20 words
-Due week 7
-Combine fiction and real life for your story

*Plan your work carefully!

-Short document style
-1 Paragraph, 8-10 sentences
-Clear and concise
-What is the story about?
-Content of story (Beginning, middle, end)
-Use of which narrative voice and why?
-Establish main characters and relationships

Due next Friday (Friday September 28, 2012)!
-Small group meetings
-20 minute meeting, not full class
-Check ‘Calendar’ to see schedule (What group you’re in/what time)
-Arrive ten minutes before your scheduled time to read other group members proposals
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Notes: Friday September 21, 11am.
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