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 Monday Sept/10/2012 9:00

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PostSubject: Monday Sept/10/2012 9:00   Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:38 am

Proff allows students to record lectures
Proff doesn't use phone number to communicate with students. Communicate by This forum(for certain communication topics) , contact in person,office (during hours) or Via your gbc email

If needing guidance with Grammar/Spelling utilize the TLC Tutor Learning Center

Proff Does not use black bored for assignments and paperwork, except around week 6 or 7 to post academic marks.

No text Book in this class

To see when homework/assignments are due check the calendar in this forum
Like a Star @ heaven Next week is last week for exemptions Like a Star @ heaven

Reminder to students reading this forum, If you consistantly post in the Class Notes section you can receive Bonus marks up to 5%. EASY!

You can also get bonus marks by being a moderator on this forum, You need to be able to complete 10 pieces of new material to the category you are assigned to. 10-14 weeks.

TIP: to retain more information from class lectures- Listen and take notes. After class review notes or talk about them with another peer soon after to retain as much of the information as possible.

ALL assignments must be word processed.

!Can be accepted by email as proof that it is done on time,however it will not be evaluated until a hard copy has been received.

tips-Work on assignments and give yourself an earlier due date then the actual due date-It will give you time to review your work an make adjustments accordingly, if needed.

In case of mistakes on your final grades or attendance keep all work,handouts,notes as proof that you attended your classes.
CLASS NOTES are like finger prints and can't be copied.

3 components for journals

1) At home; (reading-questions )-------------2)In class discussion ---------3)Short Lecture that wraps things up -5% Like a Star @ heaven
if you miss the journal part you get a zero even if you attended the in class discussion


If students miss class they are encouraged to communicate that to the proff via Email or in person.
It could be possible to make up the class time in a different class at the proffs discretion.


Literal-what you clearly understand---->Interpretation-reading in between the lines, looking for symbolism in the material you are seeing/hearing.---->Critical Analytically- Think how the material fits into a larger context.

Example: A Christmas Carol By:Charles Dickens

what we know: Literal- this material was originally published as a magazine
Marley (the ghost) was dead
scrooges character had established a relation to Marley

Interpretation- Scrooges character based on his actions example, How he won't even spend extra money on things for himself, He has no time for family or giving.
Language"It is at this time of the year where want is most keenly felt"
??? What does that mean.

"Keen- meaning by at it's sharpest point".
-People are feeling the things they are missing the most at this time of year ( Christmas)
It can also be interpreted as addressing poverty.

Critical/Analytically- Ask questions, Research,Refer to Historical facts and see if there is any thing in that time that the material was produced that could be relevant to the material you are seeing/hearing. Apply outside Information,

Why was this book made?
Why is it still so compelling in 2012
What happened to Dickens that compelled him to write this, did it have any thing to do with his own personal experience in life.

YouTube Video in class

"A Christmas Carol Marley's Ghost" A great scene *in colour*

ending quote that was significant to me, How do you interpret this? Charles Dickens Theme: "Man kind is your business"[

Homework: Research and write a few paragraphs on APA style. (400 words)
Do your own interpretation of what you understand of APA style. Refer to Calender

* feel free to critic my ways of communication as I am sure it could use some adjusting.

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PostSubject: journal   Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:45 am

I think I must have missed the part about journals. Can you explain that to me is it that we have to keep a journal about our comm class or about our day, week or month. Appreciate a response sooo much thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Monday Sept/10/2012 9:00   Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:56 am

The journals are short written assignments tied to class work each worth 5% of your final mark. You'll find out all about the specifics when they are assigned in class.
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PostSubject: Re: Monday Sept/10/2012 9:00   

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Monday Sept/10/2012 9:00
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