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 Notes: Monday Sept. 17, 9:00

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PostSubject: Notes: Monday Sept. 17, 9:00   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:31 pm

Week 2
Introduction to APA Style paper due today
If your paper was initialed and you kept it for revisions it is due at 12PM on Wednesday. In Derek's mail box in room 524A
The original is to be stapled to TOP of your new version. No need to have it date stamped.

What is Grade Ready?
Was the assignment written but not planned?
Was the assignment written but not revised?

Review your work (ask yourself if you have covered all the bases?)

Peer Editing (Give perspective and helps to build stronger self-editing skills)

Did I write about the points required in this assignment?
Examples in the Introduction to APA assignment
No History!
Write about its purpose
Identify and describe the style
Give an example

We discussed how In-text citation and references were the two main components of APA style.

Formal Qualities
Word count


Learn to visualize what a 500 word (or 1000 word, etc.) essay looks like.
It will help to budget the time needed to complete it.

Use Times New Roman.
12 point font size



Peer editing is about improving your own work
DO NOT make corrections on another student’s text
DO NOT allow someone to edit an open document (the P word!)
It should be a guideline as to what should be revised or looked at

We were to look at a fellow student’s paper and evaluate it for
1. Grammar and Mechanical errors
2. Paragraph for content and structural problems
3. Paragraphs that needed revision
4. if we felt the full text needed more work

We were not to offer comments.

We discussed homonyms and the differences between:
there, their, and they're
to, too, two, and tow (no discussion of toes)

We discussed the differences between
its and it's
its being the possessive and it's meaning "it is".
For the purpose of academic writing CONTRACTIONS = BAD

Discussed how to present work in Short Document Style

First page is NOT numbered but each consecutive page is.

STAPLE the upper right-hand corner of the assignment. STAPLES=GOOD.

Running head and Abstract are not necessary unless it is APA style.

To make things easier you should create a template in Microsoft Word.

After the break we discussed

Narrative. (A fundamental rhetorical mode and the foundation on which all rhetoric is built.)

Narrative- Story, beginning/middle/end

Narration- the telling of a story

Narrator- person telling the story
The story teller and the author are not the same thing.

Narrative voice
1st person: I, Me, We (limited only to the narrative thoughts and experiences of the character)
2nd person: You (very limiting and open to cliché. AVOID)
3rd person: He/She (can be in multiple heads at the same time. Is omniscient/ all knowing)

We then discussed our friendly neighborhood Spiderman and the flow of a narrative.

1. Establish status quo (introduce characters, establish important relationships, what is life like in the story)
2. Complication (kick starts the story/throws off the status quo)
3. Bumps/Beats (more complications that move the story forward. Each one of our paragraphs should be thought of as a beat)
4. Climax (A sharp angle where the story breaks off)
5. End (a new status quo is established. The body of the work should change how you feel about the ending. Tidy up, pull strings together)

Narrative essay. DUE WEEK 7
Can combine real life experience with fiction.
Topics to avoid include Zombie Apocalypse tales and camping/trip stories. (How about camping zombies?)
interest can be in the mind and how a character deals or reacts to their environment.
Use common sense when choosing a topic. Feel free to swear if it is called for in your story.

This is worth 20%
5% are for content
15% is for the formal structure of the essay.

Assignment for next week!!!

Proposal paragraph for our narrative essay.
1 Paragraph written in Short Document Style.
It should map out the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Establish who the characters are. Establish what narrative voice is going to be used and why?
It may include any other relevant details.
NO WORD COUNT is needed.
It should be 8-12 sentences or 3-4 more descriptive sentences.

Next week’s class is short group meetings.
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Notes: Monday Sept. 17, 9:00
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