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 Monday, November 26

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PostSubject: Monday, November 26   Monday, November 26 EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 1:49 pm

COMM1007 – November 25, 2012
Academic integrity
Academic dishonesty/honesty– big issue

Introduction and conclusion
High school - Burger – thesis, develop, conclusion
Not the best way to do it
Not the only way to write an essay

Thesis = Topic – general “controlling idea”, organized thought

Intro – thesis – different from conclusion, general
- Do not repeat
- The idea changes by the end
- Develop idea
- Think about what you are doing
- Present it in different ways
- Don’t need sources
- Do not need attention “grabbers”
- Just open the door know who your audience is
- Anecdotes, personal

Conclusion – thesis - specific,
- Ideas are more focused
- Don’t need sources for either
- Refers to the points in the body
- Short in a sentence or two

(Body - intro or conclusion)

Next week - exam topic and how to write exam
- Time management
- Clear focus
- Reading for the exam
- Something we already read
- Challenge

Academic Honesty Quiz
Test your integrity I.Q.
- what is the line?
- Integrity is the line
- Grey area has a line
- Why yes or why no?
- What are the answers?

One – no – it is self-plagiarism, duplicate submission, should have new knowledge, huge advantage, unfair to others. Should talk to the instructor first thing.

Two – Yes, should have looked at all the work, it is a group assignment, part of a team, everyone is penalized, and your responsibility is to watch each others back. Handle it by discuss as a group, the plagiarized person gives up the mark, be responsible for own work.

Three – Yes, not supposed to be talking or communicating with others during exam, 100%, immediate zero, use of electronic device. Turn off phone, put it away, and be as clean as possible.

Four – No, it’s cheating, not getting what you are doing. Learning from mistakes, don’t want to fail but need to take responsibility.

Five – Yea, not using it just to add marks, padding a mistake,

Six – it’s both peoples problem, abiding someone, ascending marks. Behave responsibly it is up to you to say something,

Seven – No, should always put the right info or don’t use it, error in judgment, mistake that can be serious. Don’t use it, write down sources, process – slow down, find the source or remove it.

Eight – Yes it is not your writing, different writing from your own. Peer tutor, correct the mistakes and go through work and only you change the work.

Nine – Yes, It might not be intentional, should not have them with you. Get rid of them beforehand.

Ten – No, each person needs to do their own work. Talking about ideas are ok, sitting in a group is good, but do not hand in another persons work is plagiarism

Eleven – Yes, it is fraud should never rewrite or add info on doctors notes. Take responsibility, if there is a problem fix it; take the time to solve the problem.

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Monday, November 26
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