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 Class Notes Monday October 29 - 2:00pm-5:00pm

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PostSubject: Class Notes Monday October 29 - 2:00pm-5:00pm   Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:29 pm

-Hard work and time consuming
-presentation and style
>determined by instructor/discipline
>refers to overall look/presentation
>can be as specific as: cover page/header, font/font size, paragraphing, citations or notes/references
*for narrative essay, one mark was taken off for improper paragraphing. For essay 2, one mark for every paragraph will be taken off*
-verb tenses must be consistent throughout (past and present tense)
-syntax: run-on sentences
>can be noticed when paper is read out loud
-syntax: the comma splice
>putting too many commas.
*most common use of commas: "T.M is a genius" --> "T.M, the jazz musician, is a genius". Comma used in between subject (T.M) and verb (is)*
*using commas with "and": "They went to the mall, and they bought gloves" or "They went to the mall and bought gloves"
>semi-colon - not used often
- holds together 2 sentences of equal importance/value
- pulling 2 ideas together
-syntax: fragments
>opposite of run on sentence
> too many sentences makes work sound choppy
-verb agreement: "The student studies" or "The students study" singular with singular, plural with plural.
-vocabulary: check dictionary!!
-parallelism: avoid confusion with verb tenses
> "The boys ran, screaming, and cried in terror" is wrong.
"The boys ran screaming and crying in terror" OR "The boys ran, screamed and cried in terror" (tenses must match)
-Word count - ONLY anything below the title and before the reference page is considered in the word count.

NEXT WEEK - Week 10
-Informative Essay proposal and bibliography due (10%)
-Team meetings: check forum for group time
-Preliminary Bibliography > list of sources you may use in essay
> 8-12 sources (no less than 8, can be more than 12)
> no more than 2 internet sources (originated from internet) NO WIKIPEDIA
> at least one periodical (newspaper article, journal, magazine). NOT considered internet source if found online
> avoid general encyclopedias - specialist encyclopedias are acceptable
> APA format
> Title: Preliminary Bibliography
> use "hanging tab"
-Proposal Paragraph > topic (clear/focused) - makes thesis statement
> raise questions/ideas to be developed
> 8-10 sentences long
> questions in proposal but not in essay
> short document style
-topics > avoid: astrology, power of prayer, etc
> must be provable
> NOT a persuasive essay. Just informative.
-Use GBC library! To access: GBC website -> current students -> Library -> Journals/databases -> A-Z -> ProQuest
> Once an appropriate source is found, click "cite" in top corner and website will cite article for you
> Be careful when using this. Always look over citation as website can make formatting mistakes!
-Toronto Public Library is another good source. As long as you study in Toronto, you can get a TPL card.

-Journal #2 due
-Read "What a Certain Visionary Once Said" in Open Discussion on forum
-Answer questions found in forum
*Look at "The Most Offensive Commercial Ever Produced" for this week*

-Annotated Bibliography due (in groups chosen in class)
-must produce one coherent document
-every group is assigned a letter and picks a topic from the topic cup
-must research topic and research what an APA format annotated bibliography is (google it)
-must use 3 books, 6 periodicals, 3 e-sources, 2 films/other source types
-assessment of group and self will be done this week - not optional (2 marks will be taken off if you do not attend)
-all communication to be done on the forum under Open Discussion.
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Class Notes Monday October 29 - 2:00pm-5:00pm
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