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 Class notes: Monday September 17th 2:00pm

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PostSubject: Class notes: Monday September 17th 2:00pm   Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:39 pm

* Given a second chance to revise our APA paper now due wednesday september 19th by noon!! attach original on top of new paper and put into derreks mail box.

*When doing assignments always:
-Double space
-Use size 12 font
- Use Times New Roman
-Include word count ( if asked)

* we took a look at other students APA papers and looked for:
- grammer mechanical mistakes
-content structure
-revision on paragraph
-full revision

* Narrative: a story with a beginning, middle, and an end.
* Narration: the telling of a story
* Narrator: the story teller
* Narrative voice: 1st person ex: I, me, we <- interior, limited
2nd person ex:you <- risky to use
3rd person ex: she, he, they <- exterior unlimited

*Narritive essay
-established status quo
-new status quo

-short documented style
-clear beginning middle and end
-discuss main characters
-choose what narrative voice
-details about what happened
-half page 8-10 sentences
-needs title
*remember must stick with proposal
*remember to show up 15 minutes before your group session to review your proposal with other group members
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Class notes: Monday September 17th 2:00pm
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