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 Fri. 11-2 Proposals: Informative Essay

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Fri. 11-2 Proposals: Informative Essay Empty
PostSubject: Fri. 11-2 Proposals: Informative Essay   Fri. 11-2 Proposals: Informative Essay EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 8:31 pm

PLease arrive early and review each other's work.
Please be prepared.
Please be on time (see above).
Understand that you are graded on the written work AND the meeting, not on one or the other.

Group 1
Sabarillo, Shane Anne S.
Sabuero, Mellisa J.
Sweeting, Kristin R.
Teran, Stephanie
Tong, Mengxue
Tran, My L.
Vanegas, Maria C.
Walls, Laura M.
Wright, Alyssa
Yohanes Janvier, Rehaset A.

Group 2
Naraine, Steve
Paine, Jason T.
Paisley, Sandrina
Passero, Vanessa N.
Pugh, Mackenzie A.
Ranger, Erin D.
Rose, Nicole
Sa, Nayara

Group 3
Lamoureux, David A.
Langner, Piotr
Lavoie, Victoria C.
Luxford, Joel
Mandel, Elizabeth
Mckitrick, Quinn
Moges-Beyene, Tsedena
Moreau, Joshua C.

Group 4
Francis, Romaine
Fraser, Dean
Guysa, Gutana
Hassan, Lammi I.
Hay, Tiffany D.
Hook, Madeleine D.
Komisar, Elizabeth
Lambrinos, Maria A.

Group 5
Ayres, Danielle W.
Bowers, Benjamin
Calhoun, Alexis
Collver, Alexa-Rae
Corkum, Dana K.
Coutinho, Katarina A.
Faham, Yollanda A.
Finn, Sarah K.

Group 6

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Fri. 11-2 Proposals: Informative Essay
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