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 Friday November 2nd 2012 Class Notes

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PostSubject: Friday November 2nd 2012 Class Notes   Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:06 pm

today in English we talked about
-The informative essay
-Journal 2
-Annotated Bibliography

It's not just hard but time consuming!
The revision part is where the real writing happens
always remember to leave adequate time for revision.

this is determined by the instructor.
It refers to the overall look of the paper and refers to the detail as specific as:
-cover page/header- in this case we use headers and cover pages are not allowed
-font and font size-12 size font, times new roman
citations or notes and references-one of the important parts

Verb Tense: Be consistent
-Put everything into the past
-Just assume that the information is complete

Syntax: Run-On:
make sure you are going back and making corrections
it is really helpful to trick your brain to spot the errors, you can do this by:
-reading the passage out loud
-get someone to read it out loud
-get someone to read it

the comma splice: very slight function, you shouldn't have a lot of commas
semi colons: it is a particular punctuation
they are used to connect the sentences that are very important
you are not going to use them often
best place to put semi colons is in a thesis statement

Make clear connection between subjects and verbs
use conjunctions and commas to combine independent clauses

Dont use a word because it sounds right, use a word only if it is right. Check the dictionary.

Keep parallelisms consistent and to avoid confusion

Word Count:
Choose the text below from below the title through the end.
Keep work within the range assigned[/center]

Informative essay
proposal meeting Friday November 9th
short document style
at this meeting include a bibliography

Preliminary Bibliography

comes from the beginning of your research paper
has to be in APA style
8-12 different sources
only 2 can be internet sources
example of an internet source would be blogs and websites
use periodicals

-short document style
can be any topic
include a thesis, which is the first sentence of the proposal
8-12 sentences,
should have enough detail
and this is worth 10%

should be objective-avoid controversial topics
should have good material and proof

bad topics
power of prayer
conspiracy theories

good topics:
something you are interested in

make sure that it is focused.

the informative essay should be 1500 words
final draft is worth 20% and this is worth 30% of our mark
this is not a persuasive text

to be able to find good sources go to the George Brown library and the Toronto Public Library.

the interpretive essay is due Friday December 7th 2012

Journal 2 due Friday November 16th 2012
-this is essential to your mark
-5% of your mark
-no long answers
-Sensible answers
-Identify whats working and not working in the articles
you are going to have an open discussion in class so be prepared

two articles to read
1) The Most Offensive Commerical Ever Produced
2) What A Certain Visionary Once Said
read the articles more then once

short document style
never rewrite the question

Annotated Bibliography: due on Friday November 23 2012 10% of your mark
-APA Style
-Single, coherent, well-handled document

-Group individual assessment
this is mandatory
if you are not here you will lose two marks.

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Friday November 2nd 2012 Class Notes
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