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 Class Notes: Friday November 2nd, 2012, 11am

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PostSubject: Class Notes: Friday November 2nd, 2012, 11am    Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:59 pm

Friday November 2nd, 2012


*“It’s not just hard, it’s time consuming!”*

Presentation and Style
-Cover page
->Short Document Style (with header), not a cover page
-Font and size
->Times New Roman, 12pt
-Citations and references
-Different profs may ask for different things, you must follow what they want

Verb Tense
-Be consistent
-Don’t shift back and forth from different verb tenses unless it makes sense to do so (i.e. in a flashback)

-Check for run on sentences
-Don’t forget to use proper punctuation!
-Don’t add too many comma splices in a sentence

T.M. was a genius.
T.M., the jazz musician, was a genius.
-Use commas when adding extra info into a sentence that breaks up the subject and verb (like in the example above)

-Make clear connection between subject and verb
-Don’t misuse conjunctions (i.e. and, but, or)
-Use conjunctions and commas to combine independent clauses

She went to the mall and bought shoes.
She went to the mall, and she bought shoes.

Verb Agreement
-Make sure verbs in your sentences agree

The student studies.
The students study.

-”Don’t use words because they sound right, use only if it is right”
-Check the dictionary
-When using the thesaurus, make sure that the synonym means what you are trying to say

-Keep parallelisms consistent to avoid confusion
-If you have a lot of verbs in a sentence, make sure that they are consistent

The boys ran, screaming, and cried in terror. (wrong)
The boys ran, screamed and cried in terror. (correction)
The boys ran screaming and crying in terror (another correction)

Word Count
-Count all words in your text from after the title to the end (includes any in-text citations), bibliography isn’t included in word count
-Keep word count within the range given


Due Dates!
Proposal: Friday November 9th, 2012
Informative Essay: Friday November 7th, 2012
Journal #2: Friday November 16th, 2012
Annotated Bibliography: Friday November 23rd, 2012

To see assignments go to “Calendar” section - you can find the assignments in the calendars by due date!

Informative Essay

Topic: Open!
-Prof advises us to pick a topic that we are interested in
-A topic that can be focused and manageable in 1500 words
-No opinion (not yours, not others), not persuasive
-Objective (avoid controversial subjects)
-Grading management of topic, not the topic

Proposal Meeting - 10%

*Check the calendar to see what time your meeting is scheduled for

-Come early to allow time to review your peer’s work
-Proposal paragraph + preliminary bibliography!

Proposal paragraph:
->No word count but around 8-10 sentences
->First sentence is thesis
->What you plan on talking about in your paper
->Keep brief and focused while giving an idea of where you’re going in your paper
->Can include rhetorical questions

Preliminary Bibliography:
->APA Style
->8-12 different sources (*you will fail if you have less than 8 sources!)
->No more than two internet sources (blogs and websites count as internet sources but not all sources found on the internet are an internet source, i.e. Globe and Mail article)
->At least 1 periodical (a periodical is anything published regularly, like a newspaper)

Informative Essay - 20%
-Final essay 1500 words
->Discuss any variations with prof
-It is an object, informative text which means you cannot take a position or create a persuasive text
-Revise your work! Prof is giving us 6 weeks!

Proposal/Proposal Meeting (10%) + Final Informative Essay (20%) = 30% total!

Electronic databases: George Brown College and Toronto Public Library

To access George Brown’s database: George Brown College website - Current Students- Library (in the column on the left) - Electronic database - Articles & Databases
=>Suggests ProQuest

Journal #2
-Read “What a Certain Visionary Once Said” and answer questions
->Read more than once
->Each answer only a short paragraph long, some will only be a few sentences
->Do not rewrite the question before your answer
-Read “The Most Offensive Commercial Ever Produced”
->Read closer to the day or you will forget the information
-Must complete for the due date

Annotated Bibliography
-Team project, groups of 4 to 6
-Must find out what an annotated bibliography is on your own
-Topics were assigned in class
-3 books/6 periodicals/3 electronic sources/2 films or other sources
-Wiki and some other types of internet sources are not legitimate
-Make a thread under “Open Discussion” for your group, don’t post material, it is used for more of a log so prof can see our thought process
-Assessment done in class on due date, do not miss or you will lose 2 mark!

*Check assignments under calendar for the full assignment sheet!

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Class Notes: Friday November 2nd, 2012, 11am
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