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 notes dec 3

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PostSubject: notes dec 3   notes dec 3 EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 12:46 pm

COMM1007 December 3, 2012
Essay Preparation

Essay style exam
Hand out

Read the two ARTICLES
What a visionary once said
Most offensive

Focus on one is better
Allowed to bring writing to the exam
Have to
Bring version that is linked to – not the ones from different sorces
Print current page for the visionary
Think about how to prepare

Nuts and bolts
Allowed to have notes on paper
- Only on the face page, not allowed on the back
- No full sentences – no thesis, only point form
- What a visionary – lists then point to
- High light, circle, underline
- Notated piece will be handed in with the essay and will be subject to marks
- make sure they have everything and hands it in properly
- follow guidelines
- Pens, pencils, paper dictionary, thesaurus
- DICTIONARY – look up, check spelling, very useful
- Double spaced
- 5-7 paragraphs

Rules exam and process
- No use of electronic device
- Even if it rings in class you’ll get a ZERO
- Phone should be off
- No patients for talking
- Could share dictionaries no talking!!

2 hour exam – 9:15 start locked doors
But have right to the end of the exam

What time means
- Drafts – not good
- Transcribing take out of the essay
- Use the two hours best organize time take control of the process
- Three things to do – pre writing, writing, revision-break down and plus rest
- Plan out exactly the topic sentence, topic plus controlling idea
- Three to five body paragraphs – three + points for each paragraph
- Can take stuff out and add stuff as you go
- Time and how to get there
- Prepare before the exam - How you will respond to the topics use semantic web (lateral) - listing(too linear)
o Next look for connections, connect ideas and proon stuff out get rid of stuff you don’t like or can t elaborate on
o Helps clarify
o The first is the worst weakest, brainstorm again, and again ofr every paragraph (2-5 times)
- Two hour period 40 min to an hour on prewriting
- The thing you want the most is clarity and you will support points
- Take

Writing phase
- Dictionary,
- 15min – 30/40min
- Think ahead have a strategy, for the mistakes everyone wll make mistakes
- Would like to use pen, but could use pencil
- Making
- 1 paragraph per page
- Out of order, can change, remove or rewrite per paragraph
- Double spaced
- Write ass mush and as well as you can
- Don’t take too long in the writing process

- Two modes – edit – content structure(done earlier), proofread – nuts and bolts of writing
- Minimal 30 min
- Process – figure out what your own preferred mistakes are before
- Tense, past tense signal tense

- Don’t focus on mistake, focus on how to change it
- Be in the zone, don’t change tools
- Just cross it out and change
- Line above is where the correction
- Add – on line arrow add above caric
- Use an end note to change a longer line – caric with number on a new page write in the sentence end notes only few end notes
- Becareul to mark the writing is clear so the marks are

- Run-ons, sentence fragment
- Sentence – subject, verb, idea is complete – do not start with because, and, but, so
- Read the sentences out of order, so you see the sentence alone and catch stuff
- To catch errors, read backwards
- Sound the same but different
- Look up
- Get rid of contractions
Then – time -
Than – comparison – rather than

In-text citations
Quote of fact
Don’t get to side tracked with outside sources
Can reference the commercial – as long as you cite its ok
Need to support with facts quotes

(Rockford files)

Look at
- the structure
- the questions
- Context
- Audience!
- Description
- Listing effects why he did it
- Office hours – speak to him at some point if need be
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notes dec 3
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