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 Clas Notes: Monday Dec 3rd, 9AM

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Clas Notes: Monday Dec 3rd, 9AM Empty
PostSubject: Clas Notes: Monday Dec 3rd, 9AM   Clas Notes: Monday Dec 3rd, 9AM EmptyMon Dec 03, 2012 4:44 pm

Informative essay due today

Written essay exam next week!

We received an exam preparation handout. (*gasp* Paper!)

We are allowed to print a copy of the “Most Offensive
Commercial…” and “What a Certain Visionary…” articles and bring them to the

Only the version linked to on the forum!

Can make notes in the margin on the FRONT SIDE of the paper.

NO FULL SENTENCES in the notes.

We will hand in our supplemental material (the articles/notes)
with the exam.

We will be given as much of the 3 hours as possible but it
is a 2 hour exam.

Door will be locked by 9:15

For cryin’ out loud turn your cell phone off.

ANY USE of an electronic device and you get a zero.

It is ok to bring water. But NO FOOD!

The essay is approx 750 words.

3-5 body paragraphs, plus intro and conclusion paragraph


Approx 40 minutes -1 hour of the exam time.

Goal is to get to a plan.

Develop thesis statement (topic/controlling idea)

Approx 15- 40 minutes of the exam time

Brainstorm around the topic

Can write the essay in pencil but
pen is preferable.

Make a semantic web

Write each paragraph on a separate
piece of paper to help with organization and revision.



30 minutes of the exam time.

Read sentences out of order to pick up errors

Read backward to help detect spelling errors.


Include in-text citations (APA style)

Sentence fragments will be a common mistake. Make sure each
sentence has a SUBJECT, VERB, and a complete idea.

Don’t start sentences with AND

Make corrections by crossing out
the word with a single line and writing the correction above.

Can have a foot note page for
additional corrections. Try not to have too many.
Be Aware:




Word Choice
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Clas Notes: Monday Dec 3rd, 9AM
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