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 Top Ten Grammar Problems

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PostSubject: Top Ten Grammar Problems   Top Ten Grammar Problems EmptyMon Nov 19, 2012 11:12 pm

In a previous post I`ve done I made mention of the Grammatical errors that D. Brown sees most often when grading work. I began to wonder how these mistakes corresponded with the most frerquent mistakes seen by other English Professors. That`s when I found this, The Top Ten Grammar Problems as stated by the English Department from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. I`m going to run through the list providing breif explainations. Doing some extended research on each of these points I found that some of these grammar problems I`m about to point out are complex. Some require the kind of elaboration that is worthy of being a whole new discussion topic.
Ok, here we go.

1. The Comma Splice- This occurs when a comma is used to split two independent clauses without a junction. It`s like chopping up a sentence with out doing it justice.
Sad I got up late today, I didn`t have time for breakfast Sad Smile I got up late today, so I didn`t have time for breakfast Smile

2.The Abused Apostrophe- There are many ways to use an apostrophe, and many rules of utilization to match. There are over 13 ways in fact. This is deserving of a new post I`d say.

3. Subject-verb Agreement- In present tense the subject and verb must agree in person and number.

4. Coordinated and Subordinated Conjunctions- Just like it sounds a coordinated conjunction referes to units of equal staus whereas a subordinated conjunction indicates one unit of more importance.

5.Double Negatives- Ah yes, the double negative. This is one of my favourtie mistakes and it`s made frequently in the English language. It`s when a statement hold two negatives in it. The two negatives cancel eachother out making the statment mean the opposite of what it intended too.

6. Distruptive and Misplaced Modifiers- Words like just, hardly, even, simply, and only are a few examples of limiting modifiers. These modifiers should go only infront of the words they are modifying.

7.Unclear Antecedent - The antecedent is the noun that a pronoun refers to. The pronoun and noun must be in agreement.

8.Preposition Overuse- A word used before nouns and pronouns to form phrases that convey relationships in time and space.

9.Fragments- Incomplete sentences that are punctuated to look like sentences.

10.Run-ons- Two or more sentences jammed together that fail to be seprated properly with the right punctions

I found this to be interesting on a grammatical scale. If you`d like to check out the article and gain some more insight the URL is Like I said before I was in awe of how complicated some of these ten can be and will definitly be looking into them more. I`ll be sure to share my finidngs.
Till then..

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Top Ten Grammar Problems
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