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 Citing interviews and video/DVD

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Citing interviews and video/DVD  Empty
PostSubject: Citing interviews and video/DVD    Citing interviews and video/DVD  EmptySun Nov 18, 2012 11:43 am

Here are a could of simple examples of how to cite interviews and DVDs.

This info comes from the Mesa Community College website. the link to the it is below:

How do I cite a video or DVD?

  • You
    need the following information (if it exists): Producer(s), Director,
    Year, Title of the picture, Medium (VHS, DVD, Motion picture, etc.),
    Location, Studio.

  • In the first example, the
    Studio is the same as the Producer. Much like a book that has the same
    author and publisher (e.g., National Institutes of Health), use the name
    as the author, and where the publisher information goes in the
    citation, simply put the word Author.

  • The third example is of a movie seen in the movie theater, rather than on a DVD or VHS or other format.

FITNE (Producer). (2005). Nurse thorists portraits of excellence: Florence Nightingale life
and work
[DVD]. United States: Producer.

Chaffin, C., Kennedy, K., Marshall, F. (Producers), & Fincher, D. (Director). (2008). The
curious case of Benjamin Button
[DVD]. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Barron, D., Heyman, D. (Producers), & Yates, D. (Director). (2009). Harry Potter and the
half-blood prince
[Motion picture]. United Kingdom: Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Citing interviews and video/DVD
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