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 My first ever Annotation.

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My first ever Annotation. Empty
PostSubject: My first ever Annotation.   My first ever Annotation. EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 11:26 am

Alright guys so here it is... Other than the birth of my two children, I don't think I've ever been more proud of anything... Sad
Hopefully I did it right, and I welcome any and all comments/suggestions.

Kapusta, B. (2000, May 27). The rural roots of modernism [some of the purest expressions of
modernist architecture are found, unexpectedly, on the farm]. Saturday Night, 115, 56-56. Retrieved from
This article covers Modern expression in Southern Ontario’s farming industry following WWI. While Modernism had yet to be introduced in the Western world, it was already established in Europe. European immigrants brought with them, albeit unintentionally, Modernist standards which were natural to techniques and technologies of the farming industry. This includes functionality of building designs and layouts, rational use of available materials, and efficiency. This source is useful as well as reliable as it shows a direct example of Modern Architecture as well an example of where Modernism drew inspiration. In comparison to other sources, it provides a more specific example and would not be suitable for an overall research of Modern Architecture.

Roughly 110-120 words I believe. Originally I had it at almost 300. I have a hard time summarizing things. I may change it, I tend to go over things 100 times before I leave it. Any suggestion on something I missed or something I have that I don't need? I'm a Newb when it comes to this stuff.

Good tip from Professor Brown, keep information on a "need to know" rather than "nice to know" basis.
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My first ever Annotation.
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