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 Grammar Tips I got from the Prof. during class

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Grammar Tips I got from the Prof. during class Empty
PostSubject: Grammar Tips I got from the Prof. during class   Grammar Tips I got from the Prof. during class EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 3:20 pm

So we got a pretty useful breakdown in class about the most common grammatical errors D. Brown sees.

In light of all the essays and assignments we have coming due as students it will be wise to review them and keep them in mind as we review and revise our work. Here they are.

Run ons

Comma Splice
Be careful with overloading on commas. This is common and predictable. If one runs out of air when trying to read a sentence then it is probably much to long. Create a rythm, we do it naturally as humans.

Semi colons
Semi colon is onlu used when there are two independent clauses that cannot be seperated. A semi colon requires both parties involved to be on equal ground.These should not be used very frequently.

Make clear connections between subjects and verbs. Use conjunctions AND commas to combine independent clauses.

An important note is that it is not true that commas need to come after conjunctions. This is a common misconception.

Syntax: Fragments
There is no need to break up a straight forward sentence.

-Parallelisms should be consistent to avoid confusion.

Don`t use words because they sounds right, only use them if they are the best word to fit in the sentence. Check the dictionary and remember that the audience you are writing to is the very near next generation of yourself. There`s no need to complicate the vocabulary.

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Grammar Tips I got from the Prof. during class
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