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 Journal #1 Draft for peer review

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Journal #1 Draft for peer review Empty
PostSubject: Journal #1 Draft for peer review   Journal #1 Draft for peer review EmptyTue Oct 09, 2012 5:59 pm

Journal Entry #1 - 0:10s-0:22s

“America” is written across the screen in a white scribbled font with a black background and fireworks. Everything is in black and white. A new frame starts and we see a man riding a train, looking out the window at a city. “Centre of Equal daughters” appears written in the same font as before. Scene switch, there are now empty buildings pictured with trash all over the ground. “Equal Sons” appears written. Displayed now is a middle aged man wearing a suit in a car moving through a crowd of people holding signs. Some of the people are slamming on the car with fists as the man hides his face. The next frame we see that same man sitting in front of large windows. We see from his view, he is in a tall building with other similar buildings displayed behind him. “All” pops up next. The clip changes to someone else, we see a different younger man. This man with large muscles walks through a hallway, putting his weight on the walls as he walks through. He drinks from a glass. “All alike endear’d” is written next. The man kisses a small statue and puts it back down.

I know we are supposed to keep everything literal and just wanted to see if anyone had anything to say. Thank you for any feedback!

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Journal #1 Draft for peer review Empty
PostSubject: Re: Journal #1 Draft for peer review   Journal #1 Draft for peer review EmptyThu Oct 11, 2012 7:11 pm

don't forget about the sound in the video!
what are you hearing as all these visuals are happening?
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Journal #1 Draft for peer review
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