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 One small step for America..

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One small step for America.. Empty
PostSubject: One small step for America..   One small step for America.. EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 5:41 pm

It bothers me that my new computer is set to American English and is always telling me that I'm spelling things like colour, honour, and theatre wrong. I know they're right, and I also know that it's Zed and not Zee that ends the alphabet. Small differences, small strange differences in the english we're practicing and the english that is practiced right next door.

Why does the American version have to differ? Well based on the info I've found via the wonderful world wide web (Sept 27th,, this is what I got. We call all blame Noah, Noah Webster that is.

On America's strive for independance they considered changing the official language, that'll show how different they are. In the end the decision was to remain English, but American english; How creative.

So in Americanizing the english language Webster revoked the old British books being taught in classrooms throughout America and had them replaced with new books of the red, white, and blue.
The changes were small, a few letters here and there, like spelling patronizing with an S instead of a Z, there really wasn't any large changes. The children were also taught that the alphabet ended with the letter Z pronounced sans D, "Zee".

He wanted to re-spell a lot of the words in a way that well in my humble opinion made them sounds a little "hickish", like for instance spelling woman as wimmen and so on. That was shut down by the voting majority and only the small changes stuck.

Fun Fact : Mr. Webster had a theory that with less letter's in words paper could be conserved when writing books. Good green thinking Mr. W.

There you have it, next time the computer is telling you that offense is mispelled, you can blame Mr. Webster and the American need for individuality.
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One small step for America..
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