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 Prepare for the Exam-Friday December 7 2012 Class

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PostSubject: Prepare for the Exam-Friday December 7 2012 Class   Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:03 am

Prepare for the Exam cheers
Friday December 7 2012 Class

To prepare for the exam you must read the two articles that were previously assigned. You are allowed to print these articles off the forum, once you are logged on, and can bring them to the class!!! Reminder this exam is really based on your critical thinking.

The two articles are (Remember to be logged into the forum):

“The Most Offensive Commercial Ever Produced”


“What a Certain Visionary Once Said”

You are allow to make notes, ideas and comments on paper Laughing … if written in sentences you will receive a zero on the exam. A good idea would be for a definition of a word write a synonym.
Notes must be on the face side (aka NOT ON THE BACKSIDE OF THE PAPER)
You are allowed to bring a paper dictionary and a paper thesaurus.
You are allowed to highlight, circle and draw arrows.
You are allowed to write in pen (preferred) or pencil.
You are also allowed to bring a watch, or a table clock if need be as phones will need to be shut off for the entire exam.
If phones go off you will receive a automatic zero on the exam.
Talking will stop once upon enter of the room.
No such thing as being late for the exam, be there by 11:00, doors will be locked by 11:01.
You must write the essay in double space font

Plan and make ideas of what the essay question(s) might be given to you.
(Compare and contrast?)
You have to in text citation if using ideas or quotes from any of the articles, be aware and jot down the proper citation (surname, pg #, date).
Use the process taught in class by Derek
1. Prepare 30min to 1hour
Brainstorming/organizing ideas (webs)
Plan each paragraph, start with body and work your way to intro and conclusion (3-5 paragraph set up)
2. Writing 30min
Write the essay
Use a page per paragraph, therefore you can make changes and make a new paragraph if needed.
3. Revision 30min
Edit (content and structure) + Proofreading

Marking all adds up to 20 marks
Grammar and spelling
Focus and Organization

Goodluck to all of you, and remember to get a good nights sleep before and eat a healthy breakfast !! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Prepare for the Exam-Friday December 7 2012 Class   Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:27 pm

Wow thanks your very helpfull!
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Prepare for the Exam-Friday December 7 2012 Class
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