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  Monday November 19 9:00am

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PostSubject: Monday November 19 9:00am   Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:22 pm

COMM1007 November 19, 2012
APA essay review
Rubric for informative essay
Informative essay showing work
Feedback for Group annotated bibliography

APA essay
Looked through a sample essay

Informative essay
Need to show him as it is being completed
Better to look at in paragraphs instead of whole paper at once

APA annotated bibliography group assignment
Feedback form filled out for group annotated bibliography

Why integrity?
Derek will see plagiarized papers - just be very careful
Make mistakes or on purpose
Thinking about integrity
Roles in society

Questions for Derek – nothing for today

Next class has time for essay review,
have questions and a paragraph ready for him to look at
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Monday November 19 9:00am
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