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 Notes: Thursday Nov. 1, 2:00

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PostSubject: Notes: Thursday Nov. 1, 2:00   Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:27 pm

Sequence of the class
    [1] Revision

    - Presentation style(Determined by the Instructor)

    *Cover page/header
    *Font /Font Size


    *Verb tense : be consistent
    *Run on
    *Comma Splice
    * Parallelisms

    2. Tells about 3 assignments

    Informative proposal essay (due next week)(Check your time on forum)

    *one paragraph outline about your research paper
    *Must contain thesis statement
    *In short document style
    *Contains maximum 8-10 sentences
    *Include questions, which you will then go on to answer in the course of your research

    Informative bibliography(due next week)

    *List of sources you may use in researching your topic
    *In APA style
    *Must be 8-12 different source
    *Not more than 2 internet source
    * At least 1 periodical
    *No wikipedia

    3.Annotated bibliography group assigned(due week 11)

    -give us a topic to work as a group

    4.Journal 2 (due week 11)

    -have 2 readings and answer the questions
    *Most offensive commercial ever produced
    *What a visionary once said

    -At last return our narrative essay

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Notes: Thursday Nov. 1, 2:00
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