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 Friday Class (November 2nd)

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PostSubject: Friday Class (November 2nd)   Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:39 pm

"It's not just hard, it's time consuming!"

Presentation/style -> Refers to the overall look
>cover page/header
>font/font size
>citations or note references

*** get used to 200 words per paragraph for research essays

Verb tense: BE CONSISTENT!

Syntax: Run-On and the comma splice
Run-Ons -> make clear connections between the SUBJECTS and VERBS
-> use conjuctions and commas to combine independent clauses
ex. 'She went to the mall, and she bought shoes.'
(SV, and/but/or/so SV)

'Marla was a beautiful girl. And young. With blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkled.' -> Use less periods

Verb agreement: The student studies. The students study.

Other things to look out for: Vocabulary, Paralellism, and word count.
**word count only for the essay, and keep work within the assigned range.


Informative Essay 20% -> Due December 7th, 2012.
***1500-2000 words

Preliminary bibliography & Proposal (10%) is due Friday Week 10, which is the 9th.
**INCLUDE 1 PERIODICAL (Newspaper, Magazine, or Journal)
***MUST HAVE 8-12. NO LESS!!!

Proposal paragraph: Start with your thesis. 8-12 sentences long on what you're going to include in your essay and in short document style.
Preliminary bibliography: in APA style

Journal #2:
->Read "what a certain visionary once said" and answer the questions Derek provided.
**Only needs to be a paragraph long, don't have to rewrite the questions out
***Also, read the most offensive commercial ever.
This is due November 16th

Annotated Bibliography Group Assignment is due November 23rd
*Must have 3 books/6 periodicals/3 electronic sources/2 film sources
**There will be an assessment on due date, which is MANDATORY. Don't show up, lose 2 marks!!!

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Friday Class (November 2nd)
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