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 assignments due in coming weeks

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PostSubject: assignments due in coming weeks   Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:41 pm

Informative proposal essay due next week november 8, 2012( week 10).
Informative essay bibliography due next week november 8, 2012(week 10).
Proposal essay: Should be one paragraph and we have to write atleast 8-10 lines. Choose topic and write your thesis in first line. Compose a clear, concise thesis statement. Make thesis that we can manage in 1500 words. Proposal essay should be in short document style. Proposal essay is 5% of final marks.
Informatve essay bibliography: Bibliography should be in APA style and should have 8-12 sources. No more than two internet source. Bibliography should have periodical source. Youtube, magazines and newspapers articles are not internet source. Essay bibliography is 5% of final marks.
Annotated bibliograpy: Annotated biblography due week 11( 15 november, 2012).
Our topic is Douglas Copland and our grop is 4A. We have to choose one topic related to his life( career, childhood etc). Bibliography should consist of 3 books, 6 priodical, 3 electronic sources and 2 films.
We have to read" the most offensive commercial "and "what a certain vissionary once said" . Both available at open dicussion forum we have to read and answer the question.
Informative essay due week 14 and essay is 20% of final marks. Essay should be 1500 words long.
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assignments due in coming weeks
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