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 Week 9 Class Notes

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PostSubject: Week 9 Class Notes   Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:19 pm

- Hard, difficult, and time consuming
- Main part of writing itself is revision

- Determined by the instructor or discipline
- Refers to overall look and presentation of paper
- Cover page/header (only header in our class)
- Font and/or font size (Times New Roman/ Font size 12)
- Paragraphing (indicate new paragraphs, only do indent)
- Citations or notes and referencing
- All documents are to be double spaced

Verb Tense Consistency
- As you start to come up with an idea your brain is going to move ahead and you are going to shift to past tense
- You fix shifted verb tense in revision
- Favor past tense in a narrative story

Syntax- Run-On
-Helpful to read out loud
- Get someone else to read out loud with you
- Make sure you are correcting your own errors
- Most common error ---> Comma splices

Semi Colon
- When you have two sentences that have to be delivered at the same time right beside each other
- Question and answer are of equal value
- Semi-colons aren't used very often
- Contrast sentences work well with semi colons

- Make clear connections between verbs and subjects
- Use conjunctions AND commas to combine independent clauses (SV, and/but/or/so SV)

Syntax: Fragments
Maria was a beautiful girl. And young. with blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkled.

Maria was a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Vocabulary: Don't use words because they sound right; use them only if they ARE right. Check dictionary.
Parallelism: Keep parallelisms consistent to avoid confusion.

Word Count
- Highlight text from below the title until the end of the essay.
- Keep work within the range assigned.

--- HOMEWORK ---
Proposal meeting next week for essay 1 RESEARCH PAPER.
*Short document style
*have bibliography, you may pencil in corrections that you find before class to save marks.

-1500 words
-Informative essay
-NOT persuasive so keep opinions to yourself

-Proposal meeting 10 %
-Final Draft 20 %
-Show teacher your work

Preliminary Bibliography
- Something you prepare before writting the paper
- List of sources you have already used or may use
- APA style
- 8-12 different sources 8 being minimal, can go over 12
- Only 2 internet sources
- Use at least one periodical (ex. news paper, magazine, article)

- Speak about topic you are interested in
- Have a thesis (first sentence)
- Ask yourself why do you want to speak about that topic (what interests you)
- You can't write retorical questions of what you want to work on
- 8-10 sentences just have the idea of what direction the paper will be going in

JOURNAL 2 Assignment
- Sensible reasonable answer with support to answer
- Read article ( its on the calender in the forum )
- Readings are in ---> Open discussions "Most offensive commerical ever produced" and "What a certain visionary once said".

APA style annotated bibliography
- know what it is and what it should look like
- 3 books, 6 periodicles, 3 electronic sources, 2 films
- Keep in contact with group members through the forum
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Week 9 Class Notes
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