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 Class Notes Monday 29.10. 9am

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PostSubject: Class Notes Monday 29.10. 9am    Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:41 pm

Presentation & Style
Cover page / header
Font / font size

Parapgraphing, citations, notes, references,


Syntax run on, Comma splice

T. M. was a genius.
T. M., the jazz musician, was a genius.

SEMICOLON are ONLY used when you have two independent clauses that are of equal value & importance
Use conjunctions AND commas to combine independent clauses
(SV, and/but/or/so/ SV)

T.M. was a genius, but he was a difficult person.
T.M. was a genius and a difficult person.


DO NOT include reference list in the word count!

WEEK 14 Informative Essay due!!!

Bibliography 8-12 different sources no more than two can be internet based ( websites&blogs)

Periodical at least 2

Proposal written in Short Document Style

Bibliography in APA

Final Paper NO Abstracts! Abstracts are written at the end.

Assignment is not marked for content BUT for the management of the content !!!

Material evidence, informative

Preliminary Bibliography PRO QUEST

Don't use too much newspaper articles, use academic journals, date retrieved

not all caps

It is advisable to sign up for a Toronto Public Library Card and use TPL for its broader selection of sources and materials !!!

Journal #2

Read What a certain visionary once said
Read Most offensive commercial ever produced both articles are in the forum

Journal due Monday 12.11.

by Tami jocolor
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Class Notes Monday 29.10. 9am
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