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 oct 29 9am

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PostSubject: oct 29 9am   Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:02 pm

COMM1007 October 29, 2012

• It’s not just hard, it’s time consuming!
• End of writing
• Hard and time consuming find time
• Plan for it
• Presentation and style
• Cover page, font or font size, paragraphing, citations or notes
• Give them in the way he wants them
• Transitions in paragraphs important
• Short doc- page, word count, same font throughout, average count
Grammatical – verb tense
• Be consistent
• Shifting tense, don’t notice must revise
• Consistency, use past tense
Syntax: run on
• Too much stuff in one sentence
• Pick a sentence out of order then check for errors
• Comma splice – be careful using commas at all or too much
• Use commas to hold info together but use to many can make it fall apart, build rhythm
• Heart beat – rhythm of a sentence
• Semicolon – ONLY 2 independent clauses that are equal value and importance
• Set of scales on terms of value
• Run-on’s make clear connection between subjects and verbs – use conjunctions and commas to combine independent clauses (Sv, and/but/or/so)
Syntax: Fragments
• Modifiers
• Verb agreement
• Singular use singular
• Watch out for
• Don’t use it because it sounds right use it ONLY if it is right, check dictionary
• Past, present, future
Word count
• Choose text – get word count put on page
• Don’t include reference list

Moral of the story!! – Make time for revision

Forum – look about group meeting next week 11-1120

Meeting class next week!

Research paper – informative essay week 14/15
• Not a persuasive essay – not taking a position

NEXT WEEK: Proposal and bibliography meeting – 10%
• List of sources, that you have not yet used
• APA style
• Internet, periodicals, 8 – 12 different sources
• No more than 2 internet sources (blog, websites)
• Journals, newspapers, internet to access the info
• At least 1 periodical, easy to access the info
• Restrictions – do not use Wikipedia – will lose marks
o Wiki is an open source – bias, encyclopedia – secondary
• Not fewer than 8
• Proposal single paragraph
• Make focus and find topic that interest you narrow down
• Just presenting topic
Proposal - Think about things you want to know then write about the topic – 8-10 sentences
• Focused questions – rhetorical
Bibliography – APA – content and style
Final paper NO abstract
Topics – Anything that interests you
• Don’t mind working on the subject
• Don’t get marked on the content
• Don’t do a right of wrong paper or topics with no evidence ; astrology, etc. watch out for bias
• Material evidence
• Be able to find information on the subject
• Avoid being too broad
Preliminary Bibliography
• When citing from online add url, retrieved(date and place), title italics

Library – research – Proquest data base
• Citing do some changes insert data retrieved, watch out for names(not in caps)

TPL – better then GBC

Journal #2
• Short doc style
• Precise and brief as you can be
• Share ideas not answers
• Read through a couple times
• 2 readings the most offensive commercial ever produced, what a certain visionary once said
• In class discussion
• less then 200 word for each answer
• due in 2 weeks

Group assignment – annotated bibliography
• short doc
• select groups
• select topic
• figure out what APA style annotated bibliography
• find 3 book, 6 periodicals, 3 electronic and 2 films
• assignment due week 11
Open forum – open discussion – for marks, communicate
• let’s Derek see how we communicate as a group
Our Group – 1B “the quiet Revolution”

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oct 29 9am
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