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 Class Notes Wednesday October 10th

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PostSubject: Class Notes Wednesday October 10th    Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:50 pm

October 10th 2012

The Literal
Observation and Meaning

• It is upmost important to understand the literal very well

Visual Culture

->Example hand dryers in bathroom
->We understand what the message
just by the use of symbols
->Note the red “air”- color perception is
->Picture in class had a screw in with the instructions,
we know to ignore that= Diegetic

⇒Symbols are highly acculturated and are usually in white rectangular surfaces to suggest that it is a communication.

⇒WHMIS Symbols are another example
-> Highly acculturated and easy for us to understand but takes time for communicators to create these so that everyone understands in a literal sense

**Other examples include; The Safety on Board card on airplanes

JOURNAL # 1- Levis Go Fourth Commercial

Using your senses, sight and sound, describe what you observe in a 10-20 second portion within 200-250 words. Sight + hearing= Literal. Finish for next week to revise.
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Class Notes Wednesday October 10th
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