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 Literal Analysis, Friday October 12th

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PostSubject: Literal Analysis, Friday October 12th   Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:44 pm

The literal

-> Take in what you are reading or seeing for what it actually is, not what you think is going on.
-> take time to understand the things you can see, and not what you think you understand about the product

**Never infer**
EXAMPLE: If you see two boys sitting in the grass, wearing dirty old clothes, looking like they haven't showered
> you can literally see that there are 2 boys, they are dirty, and are sitting in grass
> you can infer that they may be poor (DON'T DO THIS)

Levis Commercial
(America go fourth)
> Choose a 15-20 second part of the clip
> Write a 200 word passage on what you literally know about this part
(this is first part of journal 1)
Due: This week
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Literal Analysis, Friday October 12th
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