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 Monday October 15, 9am

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PostSubject: Monday October 15, 9am   Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:55 pm

COMM1007 - Oct 15, 2012

Narrative essay
• How it is marked!
• Focus/organization 10/
• Style/voice 5/
• Grammar/mechanics 5/
• 1000 (+ -) 20
• 3 pages
• 5-7 paragraphs

Prior knowledge
Moving away from visual to look at interpretive
Enter the mode without realizing it
Wit is an ability to make a connection
Interpretive thinking sometimes natural
Inside or behind message

How does it work?
x-ray specks
• looking through the message
• from the back of the comic book
• ads
• aimed at children literal
• input is being applied
• manipulate the mind
• the name is in large font
• picture you see through the hand
• small letter hilarious optical illusion
• scientific
• quotes on “x-ray” not really x-ray
• feathers make an optical illusion
• seem to be more than it is
• in control

“Is this a dagger which I see before me…”
- Shakespeare
• Imagined
• Manifestation
• Shakespeare wrote the message
• The writer and the reader
• Interpretive thinking

Subliminal advertising

Darren brown - Illusionist/hypnotism
• Subjects were MDA – masters of persuasion
• Millions of pounds a year spent on advertisement
• Taxidermy the subjects had to make an ad
• Animal heaven, zoo gates,
• The same images
• Images to get into people head put them through a tunnel
• He implanted images in their head
• Premade ideas
• Human brain
• Colour communicates
• Shape
• Nike uses shape not colour
• Coke a cola – red
• Colour triggers idea

Interpretive thought
Humor is interpretation
Surprise you recognition
Cartoon how does it work

Comic strip
• Dress, chair, black dress, 2 dogs, formal space, candle holder, restaurant, two seats, large paintings,
• Surprise
• Username online identity
• Made himself bigger then in reality
• Connections with the dogs
• Converging lines
• Balancing act

Interpretive though in action
Chris wear – comics
• Experience in narrative
• Jimmy
• Key hole – to the past/future
• Part of a longer timeline
• Old photograph – city hall wedding
• Little girl adoption services
• No narration
• We decide if it is important
• Colour is really important
• Read the document
• Official for the hospital has the form
• Lockers young ppl holding their hands
• Pregnant, going off with another girl
• Giving birth, knee
• They take her baby because she is in high school
• 1964
• Yearbook prior knowledge
• The two that are highlighted
• Pictures match
• All in one page

Understanding the system
• The inspiration room
• Levis go forth in America
• Did the literal last week
• Now need to stock pile more information
• Walt Whitman poet, recording, 19th centre
• Diegetic – recording is authentic
• Easy to take away white noise but they left it in
• Single time does not sell a campane does
• Number of images number of sounds
• Authentic
• Go forth jeans nothing else
• Medium shot water and land
• Subliminal can be away if we wanted it to be
• 2008 2009 Everywhere
• Nimbus
• Music – Toronto final fantasy
Interpret the film
• Cross and flag, wires, made by some, pointed the cambera
• Deliberate position
• Power lines
• Church state power
• Possibilities
• Extrapolation
• Interpretation
• Centre of equal daughters
• Made in 2008, started to hit in oct, economic crisis
• Katrina 2006
• Water land flood economic thinking
• Image speaks to hurricane Katrina
• Abandoned
• Garbage piled in spots, humans or nature
• Dropped by the street
• Recognize that is like that
• Housing crisis, banks giving mortgages should not have got them
• Shifting the amount owed
• Other institutions sell up the mortgages
• Foreclosure garbage outside the door
• Barracks condemned
• The possible for montage cut ot thing to thing
• Cut from a car to inside car
• Autonomy
• Covering face
• Shame guilt, doesn’t want to be seen, don’t want to be attacted
• Office different posture confident ontop of the world
• The protesters are weariong jeans not the guy
• Little girl un grown and the guy in a suit grown
• Guy in suit what is going on how does it relate
• Smoke, steam
• Values maybe, natural unnatural
• Innocence, experience – William Blake
• Religion, idea of a soul
• Sun goes down light goes on
• Interpret everything
• Tons to interpret in the commercial
• Sticks In the head

Part 2 of journal go forth
• Interpret all the possibilities of meaning in the selection in your selection from the film
• Be concise
• Can refer to other parts of the film if you need to
• No length boundaries
• 10 to 20 minutes writing
• Due week nine
• Post to the forum if you need help
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Monday October 15, 9am
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