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 Monday October 15,2012,9:00am

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PostSubject: Monday October 15,2012,9:00am   Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:41 pm

Narrative Essay Review

How it is marked.
Primary consideration: Needed to be Essay style, word count 1000 +20, roughly 3 pages, Every paragraph needs a rising interest.

Focus/organization- do the paragraphs hold together? /10

Style /Voice-Quality of language/ Do the sentences vary? /5

Grammar/Mechanics- /5

** Extra spaces in-between paragraphs are used for APA and specifically NOT Essay style. An extra space means a clean break, in essay you just want to have a brief pause and follow through with the story.

Mechanical errors-Sir says most students will lose their marks within the first paragraph due to mechanical errors.
LATE ESSAYS- 50% off for the first day. 10 % off every day after that.If you have accommodations you need to communicate that to Sir.

Literal: is the basic understand, it is exactly what YOU SEE AND HEAR. The plain meaning of symbols, signs , shapes ect.


The ability to make connections to what you are seeing or hearing, Finding hidden meanings or reading in between the lines, looking for subliminal messages within the context.
We used a few examples to discuss the interpretive and how we interpret things.

Batman comic- we decoded the images.

Placement of letters is very telling-it tells the important and what the writer is trying to get you to look at first [control]

Macbeth comic-“dagger quote “the readers interpret that the dagger is not an actual dagger.

The writer and the person reading the contexts are both interpreting.

SUBLIMINAL MESSEGES- all advertising uses them, to dive into your subconscious.
It is a message that is hiding behind your subconscious mind. A hidden message.

YOUTUBE video-“Darren Brown- Subliminal Advertising “

DB-he does hypnosis which leads the mind into a direction that is not truth.

This video shows this advertiser that brings 2 guys from one location to this office and tells them that they need to come up with an advertisement for these stuffed animals. He shows the guys the animals and leaves them to be, as he walks out he leaves a piece of paper containing a draft of what advertisement he has made. In the end the guys had come up with the same idea that was already in a draft under a stuffed cat.

It was explained that the trip on the way to the office was marked with objects and specific colours (BLUE) to put into their subconscious mind of what he wanted the subjects to illustrate. And it worked.

• Colour communicates to us at a much higher level. Code mgs around colour.
• Humour- communicates to us entirely at an interpretive level. (whit) [Surprise-----------Recognize]

Interpretive skills need to be high to forcer what someone else might see.
Interpretive thought

Understanding the system; Levis commercial;

Paul Whitman is the poet of the recording in that video, the static and white noise represents authenticity. 19 century-waxed disk.
Time Content/Images to interpret; A campaign sells that has bombarded us with images. Was marketed towards people moving, so adds were placed everywhere to always be in our mind. [pre-fabricated]

Interpretation begins when you start asking questions

Video was made in 2008 and 2006 was when the campaign started,
2008- the year that Obama was elected .
2006-hurrican Katrina
Housing crises-people where being evicted from homes because the government was giving out all these loans so that people could take out mortgages; eventually certain people could not afford to pay their loans.

Why is this relevant? Because breaking down the video we see representation of poverty and abandoned homes so we associate and make connections into our life and other events.
Maybe this video is speaking to people loving in poverty.

You can interpret the images and how they are put together. *patterns and sequences*
Montages-CUTS FROM SCENCE TO SCENE. [Monotony]
How do these images and sounds relate?

Interpret sound-
Referring to the end when there is a loud gun like bang and the image shuts out. Why? It is subjective to your own interpretation.

No word count. Hand in with “Literal” week 9.
Interpret all the possibilities of the meanings in your selection from the film. BE CONSISE.
You don’t have to spell out the literal as you have already written about the literal.
If there are images in the film that relate to your interpretation then you can refer.
Spend about 20 minutes doing it and then go back to it later and spend 10 minutes revising. Suggests for students to give feed back to our peers.
Finally WEEK 9 is very important. Lots of assignments are being handed out and part 2 of journal is due. afro
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Monday October 15,2012,9:00am
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