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 Monday Oct 1, 9am

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PostSubject: Monday Oct 1, 9am   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:59 pm

COMM1007 Notes
This week literal (journal #1)
• Work returned
• Writing lab
Next week – HOLIDAY
*2 weeks essay due
*3 weeks intersession
Office hours: 1-2 Mondays, 5 Monday, 5 Wednesday, 5 Thursday and Fridays by appointment only.
Let Derek know you’ll be coming by email. 4:30 Wed or Thurs could have enough time in other labs. Ask at the office
Post to the web - Class notes, ask peers, cut and paste notes on to email do not attach and give work in person

LITERAL (journal # 1)
• Stop and think about the literal level, is it what we think is literal also slowing things down
• Observe and interpret signals
• Lie – secret = interpret the lie
• Stop to think

Observation and meaning

Visual Communication
• Hand dryer- logo, brands, heat air flames heat world dryer, logo in red, in the shape in circle, register trade mark, scale of information the most important bigger the smaller not as important. Picture simple inside box, button, white noise- concentrate on what is important, different script. The rivet is just there to hold the plate. Toll free number we know it is a number, 1-800 is for the company or maintenance people, website for commercial or a business
• communication taking place, DO NOT ENTER red means stop fence painted white line gate
• Arrow- one way
• Narrow bridge, yellow - caution
• left turn, crossed out no left turn
• turn right no turn no turn on red light – work a lot on to get this far
• stop red the shape, not reading the word but the sign colour and shape
• Stop same in every language, even if the word go is there we still see stop
*Raise questions start to interpret the hidden meanings

Group Work WHMIS symbols – quickly as possible - Group 2
1. Could get caught – caution 5. Do not shake or lift or tip
2. Live wire electricity caution 6. Oil or chemical flame hazard in contact
3. Steel toes heavy things could fall 7. UV high levels
4. Stuff above that can fall or come down

*Idea is to understand more than meaning, what goes into creating something worth reading, what did it take to make them? Make sure to communicate properly with most important information.

Safety on board
Ascending and descending
• Stuff in top hold and close door
• Bags under seat in front
• Seats and trays up
• Put on buckle, adjust size
• No smoking, no cell phones, computers – no electrical devices
*If you have something to say make sure it has reference in what you’re writing. Communicate the most information in as little words possible, concise. Takes a long time into read the communication so that others can understand.

Comic – 1950’S BATMAN
*What is relevant and not relevant?
• Left to right
• Narration – yellow boxed out, outside frame
• Bubble thought language in mind
• Speech bubble
• Built of lines, shapes for communication
• Folds black lines multiple meanings, folds someone in the bed
*Have to work hard to tighten story
• Locators – logic build within
*A willingness to learn, certain logic is there
• First is the picture, than leads to the text, movement forward
• Bat cave stairs simple lines tells us that

Empire strikes back
• Content of image is what gives it away.
• The colour balance – literal level directly to the unconscious

• Monkey, echoes Freda’s, collar on the monkey and a necklace on Freda

Black and white time piece
• Toronto Queen and Yonge
• Building shape of the store, columns
• Location, time, vehicles, late thirties, clothes, hats and gloves
*Pay attention to what you are looking at

JOURNAL #1$feature=related
Literally what do you see or hear?
Fireworks, house, riots man in hall, field “unknown” fire \”strong, able rich” train, “freedom and law” America Go forth, Levis

Journal #1 Literal
• Describe 10-20 seconds of America: Go Forth
• No Interpretation, Avoid interpretation
• Most obvious – black and white really obvious
• Words 200 to 250
NOT to do with Levis

APA assignment back
• Citations
• Reference
• Example was your piece
• APA of short doc style
• NO cut and paste
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Monday Oct 1, 9am
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