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 My Short Story Proposal Paragraph

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PostSubject: My Short Story Proposal Paragraph   Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:00 pm

Im not sure if mine has enough detail, I tried to just be straight to the point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciatied Very Happy

Short Story Proposal

I will be writing my story about my sister. The beginning is about how she was very terribly misbehaved, and my whole family had to live in fear of upsetting her. The climax is when she got sent away to a youth treatment centre up in Magnetawan. While she was away I got very depressed and my story will state a little bit about that. It will also have the day she and another youth decided to run away, even though they were over 4 hours away from their hometown of Toronto. And the conclusion will be when she came home, and how life has resumed in a different matter than before. The story will be written in first person form, this is because it is the easiest style for me to write, since the story is about a situation I went through, and also because readers connect well with first person style, it is more intimate because they will know how the narrative voice felt throughout the story, and hopefully become connected to it. The main characters are me, Shelby my sister and Julian, the other youth who decided to run away with her. There will be minimal parts about my parents, and my two brothers Stuart and Curtis.

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My Short Story Proposal Paragraph
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