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 Class Note 20-09-2012

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PostSubject: Class Note 20-09-2012   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:36 pm

Narrator _Story teller
Narration_ the telling of a story incident of narrative
Narrative voice
1st person I, me, we interior limited intimate
2nd person You
3rd person they,she/he Exterior(outside) unimited

To write a story the 1st and 3rd person is recommended not the 2nd person.

For week 7 5-7 paragraph, 1000+20 word , double space,12pt,and TimeNewRoman write a story.

The story should be interesting and have beginning, middle and end.
For 27-09-2012
Write short Paragraph not more than one paragraph. The title of the story, who the characters and minor detalis, name of the characters and how to end the story. Why you chose the 1st or 3rd person to write the story

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Class Note 20-09-2012
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