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 Narrative Essay Proposal looking for peer reviews

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PostSubject: Narrative Essay Proposal looking for peer reviews   Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:24 pm

Hey guys,
Here is my narrative essay proposal please feel free to give any tips or critical feedback on this piece as I am not used to writting narratives and could use the help. Thanks

This story will be written in first person. It will be about a series of paranormal activity that took place in a friend’s house. The opening will introduce my two friends, Sam and Joanna, Sam’s mom and their dog. The rising conflict will begin with us staying the night at Sam’s house and hearing the first paranormal activity which occurred in her attic. This was not our first sleepover at the house, but it was the first time all three of us heard any type of movement come from the attic. The next day we decided to go up in the attic to see if there was an explanation. Sam tries pushing the attic open and it doesn’t budge meanwhile, the dog is barking like crazy at the attic door. Days after Sam woke up with strange scratches on her face that looked like she was dragged on cement. After this incident the noise and movement throughout the house progressed which led our curious minds into buying an Ouija board. The climax of this story will be the process of the Ouija Board and us contacting a negative energy. The conclusion will be Sam’s mom noticing the bad energy and noises in the house, which ultimately helps her, decide to sell her house.
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Narrative Essay Proposal looking for peer reviews
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