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 Celia Berezowski's Essay Proposal -please read for peer review

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PostSubject: Celia Berezowski's Essay Proposal -please read for peer review   Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:48 pm

Celia Berezowski Page 1

Derek Brown Words:206

September, 22/2012

Celia’s Essay Proposal
For my Narrative Essay I will be telling the story from a First person perspective; as the story is based on some real life events that have taken place at a time when I was living on the streets of Toronto. The Characters will be Tony (Driver), Jessica (best friend), Nora (aquantience), Spencer (LSD supplier) and a few hippy friends along the way. I will also be adding some fiction to keep the interest of the readers and condensing a lot of events that have happened before the actual t trip to make it more interesting. The beginning will take place in downtown Toronto, The middle will take place when I and my best friend (Jessica) are at an outdoor music festival and we find ourselves in a position where we have no idea how we will get home as we didn’t plan that far, We are at that point a few hours into the woods far up north. A mystery pill is introduced that turned to be an outcome no one expected. The ending comes with a sequence of events that will alter my mind state and outlook on life (Changing Status Quo); we spent 3 days at that festival indulging in psychedelics.

Looking forward to your comments.
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PostSubject: Re: Celia Berezowski's Essay Proposal -please read for peer review   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:32 pm

Do you know how you will introduce the initial status quo for your characters and stories, other than it taking place in Toronto; how you are going to introduce your characters?

(It may not be anything that has to be in the proposal, I don't know... but it seems like a good idea to have a solid grasp on that for the beginning of your story, y'know?)
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Celia Berezowski's Essay Proposal -please read for peer review
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