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 20 September 2012 classnote

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PostSubject: 20 September 2012 classnote   Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:24 pm

Narrative : story (begining, middle, end)
Narration: The feeling of a story/ incident of narrative
Narrator: Story teller ( never be the author)
Narrative voice: The character who is telling his own story or other person's story. There are three ways to write a narrative essay.
1st passive voice, telling your own story like I, me or we. It is interior, limited and intimate.
2nd passive voice, you, it is too difficult
3rd passive voice, some one else story like she, he or they. It is exterior and unlimited

There are three parts in a narrative essay
Begining( introduce status quo, means main characters and main relationship)
Middle ( complication, make story interesting)
End ( introduce new status qou sould be different then the first one)
Essay should be 5-7 paragraphs long( 1000 + 20 words).The narrative essay is due on 18 october 2012, but proposal paragraph is due next week and worth 5% of final grade. Proposal paragraph should be 8 sentences long or half page. In paragraph we have to write the characters of the story status qou, and the story should be short and clear. The narrative voice 1st or 3rd and give reason why we choose this.
No title page required for in short style douocument paragraph. On the main page upper left side write your name then press enter professor's name press enter then write date. On upper right of the page should be page number and number of words. after write date press enter twice for title. Title should be centered same font size and not bold. Hope you all understand what i am trying to explain about inshort style document. I wish i can draw or copy paste here Very Happy Very Happy
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20 September 2012 classnote
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