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 ACCZ's Notes: Monday Sept. 10th. 9am

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PostSubject: ACCZ's Notes: Monday Sept. 10th. 9am   Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:59 pm

Introduction, Forms of Understanding & Marley's Ghost

Derek explained how the Journal Cycle will work for the Journal Assignments later in the semester

1) "reading" or text given /w questions to answer and consider. Do this at home and return to next class for step 2.
2) In class discussion & group work using these answers
3) debrief

There will be a 5 point (5%) bonus given to any student who contributes 10 or more quality posts on the class forum. Special attention to be given to the note section.

Average time it takes to write the two essay assignments we have this semester.
Essay 1 - 6+ hours average
Essay 2 - 20-25+ hours average
notice the difference in time and plan accordingly.


Literal - the most basic form of comprehension
eg The cat ran away - cat is a symbol which represents a physical cat. we can picture this in our heads.

Literal understanding leads up to Idioms. Idioms lead us to Interpretative understanding because they involve cultural references, metaphor and imagery. They require us to "read between the lines" <-- this is an idiom.

- this type of learning usually begins in high school by analyzing text for symbolism.
- we interpret a text by asking questions and use our interpretive skills to find the best answer.
- one again "reading between the lines"

Critical / Analytical
- we begin to look for CONTEXT both within & outside of the text itself. eg, historical context, cultural context or biographical context.
- we require both a Literal & Interpretive understanding to apply Critical/Analytical understanding.

Interpretations of Marley's Ghost - written and video analysis
- the ghost is presenting Ebenezer & the audience with Dicken's worldview.
- the ghost exists Literally in the text and drags a "chain they forged in life" requiring Interpretive understanding
- story is about poor people needing charity but is written in the perspective of a wealthy man because that was who Dickens was writing to. At that time only rich/privileged people were literate enough to be able to read and afford books. This is Historical Context and a Critical / Analytical understanding.
- the story is set and was written during the industrial revolution. This is also Historical Context.
- Charles Dicken's father was sent to a debtors prison & Charles was forces to work in an ink factory as a child/young man in order to pay off his fathers debt. This shaped his worldview and influences the story. This is Biographical Context and a Critical / Analytical understanding.
- Modern Context, think critically about why this story is still relevant in modern times.


APA Introduction Assignment given out.
- a functional introduction, not a history
- find the most IMPORTANT aspects of APA style
- 400 word limit, including an example
- do not cut and paste
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ACCZ's Notes: Monday Sept. 10th. 9am
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