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 Class Notes for Monday the 17th

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PostSubject: Class Notes for Monday the 17th   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:46 pm

In the first half of class a clarified break down of the APA assingment was given along with an opprotunity to correct it and hand it in on Wednesday. Special attention was paid to grammar and spelling mistakes, text size of twelve in a Times New Roman setting, double spacing the sentences, numbering the pages, and stating references correctly. Again, the new due date is Wednesday, a two day extension.

The second half of class was used to explain the formal essay assignment that's coming up. We discussed the for N's of Narrative which were Narrative (the story), Narration (the telling of a story), Narrator (the story teller..not the author), and Narrative voice (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) person voices.

The Narrative voice is broken into three parts. There was the 1st person voice which is I, me, we, first person perspective voice story telling kind of stuff.
The 2nd is telling stories from the perspective voice of you. We were told to aviod writing stories using the second person voice.
The 3rd preson voice is quite literally unlimited in perspectives of story telling and can get into any persons head.

Next we reviewed the format these narratives will need. Each story needs the three parts that make up any narrative, the beggining, the middle, and the end.

The begging is too be used to establish the status quo. Characters will be introduced, and situations will be explained. The foundation is formed and the complication is introduced.

The middle is when the complication is played out reaching several escalating bumps and ending in a defined climax.

The end is what happens after the story has climaxed, it goes back to status quo mode all over again but with a different feeling this time; the calm after the storm so to speak.

Next week a proposal is due. It's to be presented in short document form. The proposal is for the essay and in 8-12 sentences (give or take) inform the voice being used in the narrative, the beginning, middle, and end of the story, and character indrotuctions. If down the road any changes are going to be made to an individuals essay they need to inform Prof. beforehand. The proposal is like the map to the essay.

The formal assignment of the narrative essay is due in week 7. The difficulty of this assignment is that it needs to be captured with all these things included in just 1000 words (+-tolerance of 20). There's no limits to what can be written about. With the exception of story stealing and the Profs distaste of zombie tales and such that have been told a million times. They are hard to pull off as "originals". Apparently the best kind of story telling in this case is to combine real life tales from personal experience with fictional aspects of improved context. Of the total mark however, only one quarter will be for context. The rest is on format so following proper instructions is important. More information can be checked out on the forum under calenders.

Next week we will meet at different times in small groups to better focus on each persons proposal. Check the forum to see which group has which people in them and what times the group including yourself meets.

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PostSubject: Re: Class Notes for Monday the 17th   Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:16 am

The Revision of the APA paper must be handed in Sir Derek's mail box no later then 12:00pm
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Class Notes for Monday the 17th
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