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 Class Notes September 10, 2012

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PostSubject: Class Notes September 10, 2012   Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:20 am

Hi these are my notes from Sept 10, 2012 – Enjoy!

* The only document handed out was the Course Outline
* The only thing Blackboard will be used for is the delivery of grades
* When registering on this forum you must activate your account within 24 hours otherwise your account disappears and you have to create a new one. This is difficult to do as the guidelines for your username are very specific and can only be used once
* If you consistently (example - 10 out of 14 weeks) submit class notes you will get 5 marks bonus at the end of term.
* Material is pasted as a ‘Sticky’ by Prof. Derek Brown
* If you are interested in being a ‘Moderator’ contact Derek Brown and keep in mind this is one way to get bonus marks.
* Nothing hand written is acceptable if given more than 24 hours to do
* There are 3 steps that we will take to learn in this class. 1 is reading questions. 2 is in class discussion and 3 is to debrief
* If you miss a class contact Derek Brown and if there’s space in one of his other classes you may attend
* If you want him to evaluate your work show it to him before it’s due not once it’s due or after it’s due
* Time management is crucial
* The reported student average is 6 hours for narrative
* The reported student average is 20 hours for research paper
* We had a discussion on literal, interpretive, and critical/analytical thinking
* Talked about how we learn, the base components and that by grade 6 we’ve already developed these skills. After that it’s basically improving things like vocabulary etc.
* We talked about idioms (example - slinging the suds)
* APA is due at the beginning of the class in the 3rd week and details of this assignment have been posted by Derek
* If you give a sample of APA keep in mind that counts in the 400 words
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Class Notes September 10, 2012
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