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 Mon. Sept. 10/2012. 9:00am.

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PostSubject: Mon. Sept. 10/2012. 9:00am.   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:02 pm

* Course Orientation:
- Went over course outline, policies, topical outline, etc.
- Respect the space and others' time.
- Class distractions (obvious texting, tardiness, careless chatter, etc.) not accepted or tolerated in class. *see above.
- Attendance and note taking essential for success in this class.
- Plagiarism is 100% unacceptable and punishment will be sought. Your transcript will be "red flagged".

* Some Topics Covered In Class:
Basic levels of comprehension:
- Literal
the "basic nuts n' bolts", understandings of sounds, marks, words, etc.
- Interpretive
"what might this mean/represent"?, reading between the lines, there is no definitive answer, but there is a best answer.
- Critical/Analytical
context!, what is outside the text?, applying outside knowledge.

e.g. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Story (short clip from film shown in class)
Literal - the ghost is there. the ghost cannot share in death what he could have shared in life.
Interpretive - Dickens is writing for a middle/upper class audience in hopes to change their views/the way they think.
Critical/Analytical - historical context - written during the time of the Industrial Revolution. Dickens was imprisoned as a child at a debtor's prison for his father's debts.

* Assignments Due:
- Introduction to APA formatting/style. Due Monday Sept. 17. 9:00am
- 400 words max, including an example
- do not include a history of APA
- needs to be a "functional" intro to APA
- do NOT cut and paste any material from outside/online sources (for example or otherwise)

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Mon. Sept. 10/2012. 9:00am.
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